Fathers Day- Come Share Some Special Moments about your Father

Father's Day do not get the special recognition that it deserves, unlike Mother's Day. Father's play an important role in the life of a child, beside the fact that we would not be here if there were no fathers.  Our society has changed so much from times of old, were they provided the protection and financial security of the family. The role of helping in disciplining and shaping the child or children of the family. The family was balanced when the loving father and mother was in home, each parent played a role in the family, and in the  community. Each community is built up by families and how each has a part to play in building a better society. I remember when I was growing up with my sister's and brother's how my dad played with us, and how he found a way to teach us how to observe things, listen to what people are saying on top of life skills. Which when you think back about this, that was no easy task because each of your children were different. I remember when school time came around each year, this was our time to go shopping with dad. My mother would take us shopping during other times of the year when we would need something. There were so many special things my dad did, like teaching his children how to fish, go grocery shopping at the store,  how to go pay bills and banking. My dad was old fashioned in a lot of ways, and so was my mother. We were taught how to be a lady, and gentleman and the roles that it play in the family. My dad was my protector and did not let anyone mess with his family.  Society has changed so much over the years, with more single mother families and how there are less father's in their children lives. This single family situation does affect each child, even though there are some strong loving mothers. That good male presence makes a difference, especially when you see and listen to the life stories all the people that are juvenile detention and or prison.  We know in life that not ever male or female are good parents, but most are.  Let us here your Father Story.

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