Hear The Cries of Our People !!!

Hear The Cries of Our People !!!

The world is in so much  pain from all the tragedies that has hit all regions of this world. It does not matter what state or country you live, we are all affected. It affects us emotionally, financially, socially and spiritually.  There is a negative, hopelessness energy that is being felt, which helps create despair and uncertainty. People look to the government to help solve these problems, then with the major issues in the government be it here or abroad,the censes is "what do we do."  For those who are religious and or spiritual you turn to a higher power, by what ever name you choose to call. You pray for guidance and change and help with what ever needs to be done.  In doing this you must believe and visualize what you want and that it will happen. I am a firm believe in this.  I pray for those in need of food, water, shelter, the basic of life be blessed to receive this an that individual people help each other, not just waiting on the government. We can see in the news how the response from the government is going. But when normal everyday individuals take the time to help, even if its one at a time the response is effective an creates a chain reaction. I pray for peace, strength, enlightenment,love,and financial prosperity,thing in which we all need not only to survive, but "live" and be happy.  This is how change comes to an area, and spreads so it through out to reach each state, and country.  This is my opinion, please share your response to this  issue.     Share this blog with others. 



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