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Mother's Day Letter

Hello mom, mother, ma, whatever name you call her to symbolize your love for her. The woman who had birthed you into this world. I want to recognize and honor you for the loving care and nurturing you gave me.  Every day is your day, but this is just the worlds day of recognition for you.  Mom, this is a  special letter to you. I love you mom and understand all the sacrifices you went through to help raise and take care of me, even with the love of my father.  Mom, you stayed home and nursed me when I was sick, the days when the lightning and storms made me scared, how you would hold me and tell me...

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Spring Time Weddings and Baby Showers

Well, welcome April 21st. the beginning of spring, the flowers will be blossoming, the air has a fresh crispness. I love that the weather starts getting warmer, especially if you are in a cold state like me in Ohio.  I love to hear the chirping of the birds, in the morning, saying wake up !!   Is not spring a good time of the year for you?  The fun of spring wedding and baby showers.  This is the starting of a new life. The planning of being a single person, now stepping into a marriage, or the growing of baby in pregnancy, and soon you will be a parent.  How do you look at spring? Can you share your views?

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