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2018 New Year Are You Looking Foreward or Are You Stuck In The Past

 I welcome this new year of 2018, with open arms and  sparking excitement in my eyes.  I have set goals, and working toward new victories. The past is a reflection of strengths,struggles, disappointments, and how with Divine Guidance lead me to great accomplishments. Though it was hard at times, but belief, perseverance and determination all things came together.  Life holds may challenges, turns, happiness and sadness. We laugh,and cry, fight and love and go through a whirlwind of emotions. Now that this new year has begun, what will you do with time this year?  Will you make it better than the last year, or will you stay stuck in a loop of reliving the past and what did not go...

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Enlightenment In Time Of Despair

We have to hold on to hope and keep the faith, even though things around us seems to be in despair. During this time in the world, it is easier said than done.  What ever your faith is, there is a Higher Power. We have to turn to this to keep that positive light shining and help each other to by being positive. When everyday life tries to make that light flicker, and it will at times. Stand still meditate and give a prayer for strength. Then see the Divine/God/Higher Power (what ever name you use) go to work in your behalf. All you need is a mustard seed of faith.  We at Head Art Works believes in positive encouragement,...

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