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Moisturizing Lip Balm  Soft

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Moisturizing Lip Balm

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We have the best natural lip balm for dry chapped lips. Our moisturizing lip balm, isĀ scented with the mouthwatering flavor of bubble gum. This is lip balm handmade, is in a .25 oz.Ā  container package of our bubble gum flavor & scent lip balm. This lip balm makes your lips feel silky soft, as it is moisturizing. The sweet fragrance and flavor of bubbleĀ gum will make your lips feel wonderful. The ingredients of this lip balm consistĀ of soybean, sunflower oil,Ā beeswax, palm oil, organic olive oil, avocado oil, cocoaĀ butter, shea butter, vitamin E, andĀ bubbleĀ gumĀ flavoring.