Memorial Candle  Scented Centerpiece
Memorial Candle  Scented Centerpiece
Memorial Candle  Scented Centerpiece - Head Art Works
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Memorial Candle  Scented Centerpiece
Memorial Candles
Memorial Candle  Scented Centerpiece
Memorial Candle  Scented
Memorial Candle

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Memorial Candle Scented Centerpiece

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When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure. These memorial candles keep your loved ones' memories alive while illuminating your heart and home even after long they have gone.

These remembrance candles are used to remember and honor those we love, lost family members, and pets, even if they are not physically present but are always in our hearts.

These scented candles are made from natural palm wax, pure essential oil, and a cotton wick. Safe for human health as it burns more sufficiently without smoke.

It releases a fragrance that brightens your heart, home, and surroundings, just like the loved one is by your side.

This consolation candle is a thoughtful gift for a bereaved family, and a unique souvenir in the loving memory of the loved one, as the wording on the sympathy candle gives hope. Simultaneously, the smell relaxes the mind, reduces tension, and uplifts the spirits of a grieving friend or family member who lost a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather or husband, brother, sister, or even pet.

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